Tuesday, August 21, 2012

6th month check-up

Can you believe it, little miss Abigail is six months old(as of yesterday)!  She went to see Dr. Lindsey this morning, all is well.  The doctor is a little concerned about the fact that she's not rolling over.  She has rolled, but she doesn't on a regular basis.  My theory is that she is so laid back that she doesn't really care to roll.  My goal for September is to really work with her to get her rolling and sitting up better! We'll show that Dr. that she's not behind...just chill!  She's on the 50 percentile on height, weight and head size.  It's so strange to me to have such a normal child, Mason is in the 8th percentile on his weight!
Mason and Abbi still get along great, he loves to push her in her swing (she digs it too).  He is always going up to her to try to make her laugh, and he always says she's so cute. I love it...I hope the sibling love lasts through the teen years :).  Abbi's hair is getting lighter and her eyes are getting darker. I'll try to post a picture of her hair soon, it's past her shoulders in the back! She's eating cereal and some baby food fruits and veggie-her favorite being sweet potatoes.

Mr. Mason is up to his old tricks.  Still not 100% potty trained..but getting there.  If you bribe him with a toy he'll go all day without accidents, then when he gets his toy, he's back to his old ways. GRRRRR
We got an IPAD that his is addicted to.  He likes to surf You Tube (we supervise him) He watches Wiggle videos and some of his favorite music videos.  He took to the IPAD like he had been working it for years. I knew kids were good with technology, but WOW..they really are good with it!

 It's been a slow month for the Widman's.  Just working and going to day care...same ol' same ol'.  Here are some new pictures of the kiddos!

 Did I mention....Mason might become a nudist??
 Smiling girl!
 IPAD addict

 Eating some cereal, She was also putting her foot in her mouth, yummmy

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