Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ready for an update?

Sorry it's taking me so long to post...having two kids is hard stuff!  Hmmmmm so what's been going on in the Widman household?  Not a whole lot of relaxing that's for sure!  Mason is semi potty trained, which means when we're home I put him in "big kid underwear" and then I wait for him to say "Mom, I peed on the floor!" Normally it's right when I start to feed Abbi, who loves her food and if you stop feeding her before she is ready she will let you know! She doesn't care that there is a puddle on the floor!
  Mason has decided to start biting. He bit a girl at daycare yesterday and this morning he bit Abbi.  They were both laying on their blankets watching the Wiggles and I guess he decided he needed to bite Abbi's little finger! Any suggestions on that??
Abbi rolled over.....once....I'm not sure, but I'm thinking she is going to be my lazy child.  She sleeps...and sleeps..and sleeps, and when it comes to rolling over, or sitting up, or eating from a spoon, she's just ehhh, not really into it.  I can just imagine the fights over getting up for school or cleaning her room that will be in my future.  I did get some good news from the doctor...she might be lazy, but she's socially advanced...basically that means a crabby baby! Yeah for us! She's not crabby normally, but she has separation anxiety and she's afraid of strangers already. Babies her age aren't supposed to care about who's holding them or who's getting in their face ooooooing and ahhhhhing. Abbi does.
I mentioned the no relaxing part of our lives, let's just do an overview of our crazy day! Abbi wakes up about 5am to eat, but of course goes back to sleep because she's lazy :)....then Mr. Mason wakes up by 6 or sometimes earlier.  I then have to juggle getting myself ready for work, feeding and getting Mason ready.  Some days Abbi does wake back up around 7, and now I guess I'm not going to be able to leave the kids alone for 10 seconds because Abbi might get bit!  I drop the kids off, go to work, pick the kids up, get home and immediately feed Abbi, then cook supper, then clean up supper, then give the kids to bath, then feed Abbi and fight with Mason about going to bed. AHHHHH it's 8:15, Travis and Kim have 45 minutes to talk to each other and watch TV!!! 9pm-bedtime! 
I'm not complaining, I'm fully aware that every household with two working parents and kids is like this...I'm just saying, crazy time in the Widman house!  Friends, don't get your feelings hurt if we don't call, we'll be available in 5 years :-)
Here's some new pictures, just in case you haven't seen any in awhile.
 Adding this picture reminded me, we got a swing set!
I added this one, because can you see her two tiny pig tails? So cute!
Our little rocker! Check out his Rolling Stones t-shirt!

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